Stoner Patch Dummies

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Stoner Patch Dummies are an adult-friendly take on your favourite childhood goodies! Made with high-quality, solvent-free cannabis concentrates, each package of delicious fruit-flavoured candies is infused with 350mg-500mg of THC. These delicious weed infused edibles pack a heavy-hitting punch with a long-lasting high while also satisfying your sweet tooth. Cannabis edibles are the perfect alternative for those seeking the benefits of cannabis but want to avoid the adverse side effects of smoking – they’re discrete and not only do they taste good, but they’re good for you. “First, they’re sour; then they’re sweet… then you’re stoned.”


1 review for Stoner Patch Dummies

  1. Halla

    Ég hafði rangt fyrir mér, Hogue gripið er frábært. Það virkar. Mér fannst það passa fullkomlega í hendurnar á mér, bleiki fingurinn situr ekki á gripinu en þessi hönnun er í raun mjög vinnuvistfræðilega rétt.

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