Pink Gas Strain

Pink gas weed strain is an indica-dominant strain and a variant of the heavy-hitting. Pink kush also a relative of the envious OG Kush, it is guaranteed to be a great smoke and a new favorite. This strain is known for its particular terpene profile and powerful body-focused effects. Many consider pink kush strain to be overpowering (similar to all Pink relatives), therefore, we recommend Pink Kush strain only for hefty users or users with heavier conditions. buy pink gas weed strain online

Effects Pink Gas Weed Strain

As mentioned before, Pink Gas by Gas House is quite potent with an average THC content of 26%. The highest THC content tested in this strain was measured at 29.50%. This strain is known to be heavily body-focused but also involves a strong cerebral effect. Initially, pink kush induces a strong cerebral euphoria that fills the user with happiness. Giggles and smiles are also involved. Quickly after, as the high gets deeper, a strong body stone will set. The body will feel light as a feather as the numbness sets in. Users also report the onset of laziness and being couch-locked. Pink kush is best to not zone out too long as hours may pass without your knowledge. We suggest you get snacks and food ready as heavy munchies are also very common. Again, we recommend this strain for heavy users as the full body high may be too overwhelming for beginners. pink gas strain for sale

All Pink strains are quite popular among medicinal users due to its heavy relaxing effects that combat chronic conditions. Pink Gas can be used to treat:


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