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Wedding Cake

Mango Gelato


Blueberry Diesel

Grand Daddy Purp

Sour Tangie

Platinum OG

OG Kush





Durban Poison

Sour Diesel

OG Cookies

Berry Lemons



Banana kush


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TKO Products makes TKO vapes and they are based out of California. Fake TKO carts are now everywhere, most likely outselling the real thing. Here we will go through the basics of identifying fake TKO cartridges and where to get the real thing.

Update January 5th, 2021: Spammers have descended on this post repeatedly posting the domain, which is a fake scam site that takes money and ships nothing. The real, and only remaining, TKO site is, which only makes edibles. Going forward, all TKO cartridge products are fake. Don’t fall for online scammers; our readers report getting scammed out of thousands of dollars!

Update June 20, 2019: The fake TKO company on Instagram, under the username _tkoextracts, recently posted results from Bella Costa Labs that were falsified. Some have claimed that TKO is an East Coast brand in our comments section and this might be true. We are unable to confirm it because upon asking them via their Instagram account if they were fake or real, we were blocked. There exist more fake hardware TKO carts than anything else, so even if there is an East Coast brand, odds are whatever you are getting is fake and has no consistency with TKO products in other areas.

6 reviews for Buy Tko Carts

  1. Keith T. James (store manager)

    great dispensary was thinking it wont get to UK but it did.

  2. Sheila T. Kelley (store manager)

    Was a little nervous when i made my order it turn out great. is one of the best online dispensary

  3. Jennifer G. Cummings (store manager)

    Great Product, really good

  4. Ryan Walker (store manager)

    Very pleasant experience with this company, esp quick and efficient. i think you guys should open a dispensary here in Australia.

  5. Debra K. Henkel (store manager)

    Very reliable service, quick delivery and great quality product I will definately order again.

  6. Virginia K. Williams (store manager)

    Very reliable service, quick delivery I will definately order again.

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